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Broj poruka : 28986
Datum upisa : 26.04.2008

PočaljiNaslov: INVITATION FOR COMPETITION    Pon 08 Jan 2018, 21:16

6th Photography Contest - 2018

Best photo of season 2017!

Dear members, we invite you to take part in the sixth choice,
Photo of the Year, organized by 2018.

For this competition, we  provided,with the help of friends and sponsors of our forum  
interesting prizes! Only thing you need to do is to send some of your fishing photos
(fisherman action, fish situation, gear... etc.) until January 20, 2018 !!!


Admin team
Musicarenje. net

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Broj poruka : 28986
Datum upisa : 26.04.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Re: INVITATION FOR COMPETITION    Uto 09 Jan 2018, 23:15

Photo Contest " 2018"
- Propositions -

- In this competition selected the three best photos from the fly-fishing-motives!
- The decision on the three best photos will bring (expert) panel led by artists from USA, Rosi Oldenburg!
- The right to participate in the photo competition have both friends and FB pages and portals,
if you send your photos for the competition (up to 5 photos) in accordance with these Rules and on time! (Sending: period 9th-January 20th)
- The items with your photo (s) ama administration will set a random order in the forum, which will be visible to people who are not members of the Forum,
so everyone can see these photos.
- Each photo should be a special theme (ie, whether they are competing with one, three or five photos, do not send a single image from multiple angles).
- Administration to above (item) of your photo to put your name!
- The competition can participate and photos that have participated in other competitions, other than winning, and photos that have been
published outside the Forum, such as FB and instagram etc. Also, in this competition can participate and photographs that are not strictly of 2017
(will be seen too, every bit, that is a couple of months may be for example the elderly). All who wish to participate in this competition, your photos
will be able to send in our inbox facebook profile Musicarenje Net or email Whatever it is you easier.
THEN ALL OF YOU WHO ARE FRIENDS Facebook page and profile your photos Musicarenje Net Send messages in inbox or mail your photo competition.

- Photos can be-treated in processing programs, but moderately!
- Photos must have a minimum of personnel belonging to fly fishing.
- Photos of a landscape (panorama), artificial imitation of the discipline and photos of fish out of water, will not be taken into account and these photos do not send.

- The obligation of the participants of this competition is that in case of any necessary authentication (attribution)
... provide original (full) photographs Administration Forum on e mail.
- Start of the competition is January 8th, 2018, when will all of you who want to participate,
you can start send competition photos or at least one image, a message on the facebook profile Musicarenje Net.
Finish to send your photo competition is January 20th 2018.
- Period from 20-28 January 2018.g. reserved for the public disclosure of the results of the forum and facebook page Musicarenje Net -
reiterate that may participate equally and friends with FB pages Musicarenje Net that properly and in compliance with the foregoing conditions
and regulations of the event sent within their own photos administration or inbox message on mesinger the facebook profile Musicarenje Net
or e mail
- As always, we have the beautiful commodity Prize and others. prizes for the winners, but also three winning photos will get valuable
diploma (Sending award goes at the expense of the winner)

Note:, reserves the right to use the photo of competition and can publish them on other media (magazines, FB profile Instagram etc.),
And without the knowledge or permission of the author photo competition!


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Broj poruka : 28986
Datum upisa : 26.04.2008

PočaljiNaslov: Re: INVITATION FOR COMPETITION    Sre 17 Jan 2018, 20:52


It's only a few days left to send your photos with a fly-flshing motive , for the 6th International Fly fishing contest " 2018".
Please sending your photos (3rd to 5th photos) in an inbox message on Facebook or on the email



Your Musicarenje Ne
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